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About a year ago in a corporate setting, I had a vision describing to me one of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit. A helicopter with a big basin attached below it filled to the brim with oil, hovering over Southern Alberta. I wasn't sure how the basin was being continuously filled, but over and over again I saw it tip and spill over on the land beneath. When the vision was finished, I felt Holy Spirit nudge me to turn to Song of Songs 1:2 TPT, which I was unfamiliar with at the time. "Your presence releases a fragrance so pleasing- over and over poured out. For your lovely name is "Flowing Oil" no wonder the brides- to-be adore you."

There was something about this that caused me to hunger so deeply after a greater intimacy with the Lord, that I dropped everything in my life to pursue a relationship with Him in a much more tangible way. I left my comfortable life in the city to move into the middle of nowhere for a little over a year simply to get drenched in this "Flowing Oil" that he showed me in my vision. I wanted the overflow, and I was desperate to get it- no matter the cost.

Over these months of being hidden with the Lord, somehow I'm even more desperate for the overflowing oil of His Spirit than I was before. In the Bible, oil is representative of the Holy Spirit, who brings us revelation of the Word of God and gives us power for ministry. We need more of Holy Spirit everyday and the way to get more is through closeness with Him and posturing yourself next to Him ready to receive all that He has to offer you. If we want to see the nations impacted by the Bride of Christ, getting more oil is crucial and KEY to the end time harvest.

In Numbers 4:16, we read about the son of Aaron named Eleazar who's appointed duty (job) in the tabernacle was to get oil for the lamp and the sweet incense and daily grain offering to sacrifice unto the Lord. It also included getting the anointing oil and overseeing all of the tabernacle. In the same sense, our main responsibility as the church in this hour is to establish closeness with Jesus in the dwelling place. It is to spend our lives getting the overflowing oil and overseeing the church in prayer and intercession. We are called to be those who offer up praise and intercession to the Lord, as 24/7 houses of worship.

I believe that God desires for us to finally see ourselves as his holy temple. "Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells within you?" 1 Corinthians 3:16. Let us be a people that don't need to be in a building to offer up continual incense to the Lord. It is in intimacy with the Father, that we are able to recognize our authority in Him. Not only this but the heavy burdens that come with daily life, are literally destroyed in His presence. Isaiah 10:27 says " The yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil." Get the Holy Spirit, and get free from your bondage and burdens so that you can run the race he's called you into victoriously. We don't have time to waste being anxious and overwhelmed, especially since He died for you to be free from that.

The story of the ten virgins in Mathew 25 describes the urgency that we must yield to in getting more oil, as the time of His coming draws near. We cannot be foolish and ill prepared in this time and we need to recognize that there is truly no place like the secret place. There is a call on the Bride of Christ to dive head first into the Word in preparation and intimacy. In the parable, we see that five of the virgins were too late in buying oil when the Bridegroom arrived, and were found before Him lacking. Meanwhile the other five who were ready and waiting for His return were escorted into the wedding party joyfully. Don't wait until it's too late to get the overflow. Don't grow weary and fall asleep while you wait. The Bridegroom is here, are you ready?

In the footnotes of Song of Songs 1 TPT, we are informed that 'Shulamite' and 'Solomon' have the same root word in Hebrew, however one is masculine and one is feminine. We know that the Shulamite represents the Bride of Christ and Solomon points us to King Jesus. We must understand that as the Church, we are one spirit with our King, united to Him. Let us yield to this divine romance and get drenched in Flowing Oil, considering it's not only a privilege but also our responsibility.

"Let him smother me with kisses—his Spirit-kiss divine.

So kind are your caresses,

I drink them in like the sweetest wine!

Your presence releases a fragrance so pleasing—

over and over poured out.

For your lovely name is “Flowing Oil.”

No wonder the brides-to-be adore you.

Draw me into your heart.

We will run away together into the king’s cloud-filled chamber."

Song of Songs 1:2-4 TPT (The Shulamite)


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